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With the ever growing demand for our oceans resources the market for ROV is becoming more and more contested. The more important it is to look out for quality products. Delivering excellence for over 25 years across all continents Mariscope offers a lifetime warranty on all their products. Made in Germany is not a promise but a statement.

Custom built for your specific needs, their light working class ROV and towing systems are extremely versatile and never let you down. Survey , rescue , monitoring , cutting, trenching , cleaning, there are hardly any tasks where Mariscope can’t deliver. You name it, Mariscope builds it. Tidal Marine is proud to present to you Mariscope for the Asia Pacific market.

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Smallest Stainless Steel ROV on the market. Only one with lifetime warranty.

Launching the Peewee 100, the idea of manufacturing a very compact, robust and high quality ROV has been achieved. This ROV, though compact, aligns in the industrial class quality of all Mariscope products. Easy to carry by hand, Peewee incorporates a Full HD camera, installed on a tilt system and with a pair of high output LED spotlights. The difference to any other ROV in the market is that the Peewee is a combination between an ROV and a towed vehicle.
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Only system on the market combining unbeatable price with lifetime warranty and 4 K camera

 With stainless steel and aluminum housing, rugged stainless steel frames and complete modular components are just some of the main features of the all electric systems. Regardless of the MS1 being the smallest ROV of the Mariscope family, it remains a full 24/7 usable, industry quality ROV. The propulsion system is the same as for the bigger units.
Specially designed for aquaculture and small salvage operations, this ROV is often used from smaller crafts, Zodiacs and ships of opportunity.

Surface equipment is installed in pelican cases as to have all the components in rugged and transportable cases. the steering Console is wireless as well as the video transmission from the main console to the video goggles. the operator can move freely on board of the vessels having also the possibility to work under full sunlight.

Different types of cameras, from standard Full HD to 4K cameras, with a wide angle or zoom lenses, are available.
Some of the ROV features are:
  • Auto Depth
  • Auto Pilot.
  • LED Floodlights
  • Tilting mechanism for Camera and lights
  • Wireless steering console
  • Wireless video transmission to video goggles
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Large list of additional components.
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    The Evolution of the most compact of Mariscope´s ROVs

    With a new hydro dynamic shape, the new MS2 keeps focus in the modularity of the equipment, ease of maintenance, robustness and reliability. The highly impact resistant stainless steel tubular frame protects its components, and is propelled by four compact and efficient thrusters. The Full HD camera with live transmission via high-speed Ethernet, is complemented with four high output LED lights and laser pointers.

    Other technical details as high quality self-made connectors, reduced diameter and neutral buoyancy umbilical cable, surface console with industrial computer are part of this evolution. Mariscope says: “Built to Last”, and supports that by being the only manufacturer worldwide to give a life time warranty on its systems, without a limitation of working hours.
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    A versatile open-frame ROV, suitable for a variety of accessories

    The FOIII is manufactured in stainless steel (AISI 316L), is manually TIG-welded, equipped with powerful thrusters, designed to be used 24/7, easy to maintain, robust and stable. Wireless steering console and wireless video transmission are a part of the standard package as well as high end components like full HD/ 4K cameras and high output LED-lights.

    Thanks to a modular design and its open frame, the FOIII can be equipped with additional accessories like electric manipulators, lasers, sonars and tracking devices.
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    500 m depth rated, extremely fast and robust. Diavolo is designed to withstand the demands of a job in extreme environment.

    The Diavolo III is the next evolution of the FO III adding a lateral thruster to improve the side-wards movement of the ROV. It has the same 24/7 work capabilities of all Mariscope ROVs and its open frame construction allows an easy adaptation of accessories and allows an easy maintenance. Since customizing is a main feature of our ROVs, Diavolo III can be adapted following the customer’s requirements.
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    The compact size and weight allows its use from smaller boats and vessels

    As of all Mariscope ROVs, The new MK II is manufactured with AISI 316L stainless steel, TIG hand-welded and cristal blasted. The complete modular design allows the individual customization of the system.

    Most ROVs have preformed flotation devices with fixed payloads. In the case of the Mariscope ROVs, the flotation can be changed according to the equipments installed on board of the vehicle.

    Payload may vary up to 100 % if necessary. Easy to adapt is the main key of Mariscope’s ROVs. MK II is equipped with 5 vectorized thrusters. 2 verticals, 2 horizontal and 1 Full HD /4K cameras in the front installed with high output LED floodlights on individual tilting mechanisms which provides unique video quality.

    The wireless steering console and the wireless video transmission combined with the video console and recording unit, all of them installed in Pelican cases, makes the system highly transportable and flexible.

    The umbilical is a special ROV cable with a neutral buoyancy in sea water. Its diameter is 16 mm and has a Kevlar reinforcement allowing a tensile force of 2000Kg.
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    Due to its technical characteristics the Commander MKIII can carry our all kinds of tasks.

    The next step in the line of the commander type vehicles is the Commander MKIII, equipped six thrusters of 300 Watt each, disposed in a vectorized manner. This ROV can be operated up to a depth of 1000 meters. Its newly developed hydrodynamic design and completely enhanced construction increases the ROVs efficiency. Due to its technical characteristics the Commander MKIII can carry out all kind of tasks, with special emphasis on searches, rescues, scientific studies and inspections.
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    Strength of an MKIII and faster than the MS1

    The MKIII SF is a highly maneuverable ROV. It is designed for special applications, where high speed is required. It can reach up to 7 knots.

    Often equipped with multi-function hydraulic manipulators, electric driven winches, multiple camera systems, sonars and tracking-systems the Commander MKIII SF is a full work-class unit but still compact and easy to transport.

    Reduction of operational costs is always a main focus during the development of Mariscope ROVs. Easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to transport results in cost efficient surveys though minimizing the amortization time of the initial investment.
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    A specially developed vehicle taking into account the applications and needs of the scientific community

    The Chameleon has been designed as a pure scientific ROV. Chameleon is not an adaptation of a work-class ROV for scientific purposes, but a specially developed vehicle taking into account the applications and needs of the scientific community.

    Completely modular in its structure but also in its equipment the Chameleon is configured with the client according to the tasks and scientific research missions that need to be carried out.

    State of the art electronics, camera and light systems, data transmissions and multiplexing combined with ultimate composite material for the frame and flotation make Chameleon a unique vehicle in a class of its own.

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    Mini Observer is mainly used for quick inspections from small boats

    Mini Observer is mainly used for quick inspections from small boats. Full HD/ 4K cameras and high output LED lighting systems result in very high quality images.

    The low weight of the unit including its tow-cable makes its easy to transport even as normal luggage or carry on luggage in any kind of air-crafts, also smaller ones. It is mainly used in coastal applications, aquaculture , EIS research, rescue, marine wind-parks and others.
    Depth rated to 300m the vehicle can be equipped with a manual winch.
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    The modular frame construction allows easy customisation and adaption

    The Towed System Observer III is equipped with Full HD/ 4K cameras with wide angle or zoom lenses.The housing of this towed system and the electronic controls are made of corrosion resistant materials.

    Special cluster LED lights, digital compass and depth gauge with on-screen display, stainless steel tow frame and a kevlar reinforced tow cable make the Observer III an industrial class vehicle for permanent underwater survey tasks.

    Depth rated to 500m the vehicle can be equipped with a manual or electric winch, special sensors, sonars and tracking devices.

    The modular frame construction allows easy customization and adaptation. Aditionally the frame and hook were designed to survive even heavy impacts.
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    This System is mainly used for observation of trawls

    One of the special systems made by Mariscope is the towed vehicle called Magnus Tow. This system is mainly used for the observation of trawls.

    This vehicle has the peculiarity to be equipped with Magnus rotors. These rotors perform the function of a propeller, without the equipment being entangled while working in the trawl-nets.
    The effect of Magnus rotors is widely described in the international literature.

    Mariscope used this principle to optimize the function of this vehicle. The development was carried out in cooperation with the Fisheries Research Institute of Hamburg, Germany.

    To reduce the dimension of this system and optimizing the spaces inside the vehicle, the propulsion engines of the Magnus rotors are decoupled and linked by means of special high performance flexible shafts.